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All Year Round Sunshine and High Temperatures. El Medano, Tenerife
All Year Round Sunshine and High Temperatures. El Medano, Tenerife
Playa de la Arena Beach Tenerife. Great Resorts, Year Round Sunshine
Playa de la Arena Beach Tenerife. Great Resorts, Year Round Sunshine
Puerto de la Cruz, North Tenerife. It's chic, cosmopolitan.Occasional Cloud
Puerto de la Cruz, North Tenerife. It's chic, cosmopolitan.Occasional Cloud
Teno Mountains, High Up in the North West of Tenerife
Teno Mountains, High Up in the North West of Tenerife
Tenerife Tourism Guide - Tenerife Weather

Tenerife and the Canary Islands' perpetual Spring / Summer weather has been attracting holidaymakers here since the late 1950s. The weather on Tenerife indeed has dictated to a large extent the development of both the southern and south west resorts - these areas of Tenerife, like Gran Canaria, get the best of the sunshine with the least cloud and rain. When holidaymakers from the UK first started to visit Tenerife, Puerto de la Cruz was the main resort location situated in the north near the only airport on the island Tenerife Norte (Los Rodeos) until Tenerife South (Reina Sofia) was opened in 1978. They'd often grumble on postcards home of the occasional clouds in the north of Tenerife delaying flights. If you're on an activity holiday or walking holiday in Tenerife today, and based in the north, the occasional clouds, which have formed over nearby mountains and indeed Tenerife's micro-climate are welcome.

Those looking for hot hot sunshine and Tenerife beach holidays usually head to the southern resorts. Tenerife's high temperatures, rarely dropping below 18 degrees centigrade, make for superb all year round Tenerife Golf Holidays and beach holidays. In Spring and Winter temperatures range from 18 degrees centigrade to the early 20s, whilst in peak summer they'll often climb upto the 30s, and higher during occasional African weather coming across from the Sahara. The Trade Winds, as with the other Canary Islands, bring cooler temperatures than would otherwise be experienced at this latitude. Tenerife and the Canaries remains the most popular destination for winter sun holidays for UK holidaymakers.

Tenerife Weather - Average Annual Temperatures

Average temperatures across the year for Tenerife make for perfect winter holiday conditions, and are as follows (Centigrade): January 18.4, February 18.2, March 18.6, April 19.2, May 20.2, June 22, July 24, August 24.8, September 24.8, October 23.6, Nvoember 21.5, December 19.5. These are averages, however in the summer months temperatures can often push well up into the 30s.

Average annual rainfall for Tenerife: January 7.7, February 18.3, March 14.2, April 6.5, May 2, June 0, July 0.2, August 0, September 1.3, October 12.2, November 46, December 17.3.

Tenerife Average Sunshine hours: January 6.1, February 6.6, March 6.8, April 6.5, May 7.5, June 7.6, July 8.4, August 8, September 6.2, October 6.5, November 5.9, December 6.2.

Winter Sun Holidays Canary Islands

Winter Sun Holidays in the Canary Islands don't get better than Tenerife. With average winter temperatures on Tenerife between October and March ranging between 18 to 20 degrees, and sunshine hours ranging between 6 to 8, it's perpetual summer over here on the Canaries.

Not surprisingly with these high winter temperatures on the Canaries, the winter holiday period on Tenerife and Gran Canaria is as popular as the summer, with many choosing to spend Christmas holidays over here. What a good idea! Head for the southern resorts of Tenerife or Gran Canaria for perpetual all year round sunshine. Sea temperatures remain warm too, and rainfall is low in the arid southern resorts on Tenerife. Knock those winter blues on the head and take a cheap flight to Tenerife heading for the superb choice of southern resorts here with guaranteed winter sunshine at Costa Adeje, Playa de las Americas, Los Cristianos or Los Gigantes. They do sunshine Christmas over here!"

Climatic Variations for Tenerife Weather

If you're holidaying in Playa de las Americas, one of the main southern resorts on Tenerife, in December you may well find yourself sunbathing on the beach with a view of Mount Teide in the background covered in snow. Tenerife's weather and climate has, like Gran Canaria, been described as a micro-climate. Teide rises about 2000m above sea level and gets heavy snow during the winter months.

The differences in climate are north/south differences. The south sees more hours of sunshine annually than the north. The north is greener - you'll notice this moving around La Orotava and the Teno and Anaga mountains. Good farming conditions in the north are aided by the higher humity and greater rainfall in this area as compared to the more arid south. There isn't much difference in temperatures generally between the two, unless of course you're up in the high altitudes around Teide National Park (good jacket and waterproof recommended for year round visits to Teide).

The combinations of the cooling moist trade winds, latitude and mountainous terrain over which clouds form (Teide and the mountains of Teno and Anaga do get the cloud cover) is a blessing - and a contributor to the natural abundance of nature, flora and fauna on Tenerife and the Canary Islands.

Particularly special on Tenerife are the Laurisilva forests which survive in both the Tena and Anaga Massifs (you can see Laurisilva forests on La Palma and La Gomera too!). These Laurisilva forests are thought to be the remanents of Laurisilva woodland which once covered Southern Europe and North Africa about 20 million years ago. Walking holidays in the Laurisilva forests of Anaga and Tena is a special experience indeed.

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